PRD Energy has an excellent Health, Safety and Environment record and is committed to operating responsibly in all aspects of HS&E. Our management is proud of their history of the lowest accident statistics in the Canadian oil and gas industry in which an average of 21,100 wells/34,000,000 meters are drilled each year (10 year average). Operational members of our management team have, in the past, developed HS&E programs for their employers, chaired government committees to develop industry standards for Safety, Health and Environment, and chaired emergency response teams including for a multinational E & P company. They have also been leaders on the team that developed industry standards and best practices adopted by the oil and gas industry in Canada.

PRD Energy believes that being a good neighbor includes acting responsibly in all of the areas in which we work. We are committed to adhering to and continuing to develop "low impact" drilling standards in order to minimize our footprint on the land. Some of the methods we utilize are: using one pad from which to drill multiple wells, operating from existing drill sites, "0 impact" drill sites, and using environmentally friendly products for our drilling and other operations. We also work with both the local communities and land owners to find optimal solutions in order to minimize our impact.